Frequently Asked Questions

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Which social networks does Gleanin support?

Gleanin supports major social networks including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Xing to ensure the broadest possible social reach. We are currently expanding our connections to WeChat, Sina Weibo, VK and WhatsApp.

Of course, we are continually adding new social networks around the world so our social network roadmap is continually expanding.  Additionally, many of our connections come from client requests. So, if your don’t see your target network, let us know!

How does Gleanin ensure compliance with social network partners?

Our ongoing development methodology is designed to build and maintain secure, dependable connections with ever-changing social media network APIs.

To do this, we have developed a proprietary network testing suite that allows to proactively test against network APIs that ensure business continuity for our clients.

Gleanin understands the challenge that our customers and partners face in maintaining compliant and reliable connections with social network APIs.  The Gleanin platform handles the heavy lifting to make sure that our customers can painlessly leverage the networks that will help them reach their target audiences.

How does Gleanin integrate with event technology and other 3rd party platforms?

Our development team is dedicated to a smooth installation with proactive communication, vigorous testing, and diligent protocols to ensure strong alliances with all technology partners.

Our most common integrations include: Visit by GES (formerly known as N200/GES), Circdata, EAS Registration, Info Salons, and Jonas Event Technology just to name a few.

Who owns the event registration data?

Gleanin believes it’s your event and it’s your data. Gleanin’s Analyse module provides customers with live data to confidently quantify key performance indicators achieved during each stage of the event participant’s social journey.

How can I be sure that the referrals I get from Gleanin are quality referrals?

The founding principle of Gleanin is to create social connections that are trustworthy and transparent.  The Gleanin Connect platform is designed to put the power of advocacy in the hands of your attendees.  At multiple stages of the registration and pre-event process, registered attendees have the option to voluntarily refer and promote the event to their own network.  Gleanin will never post or email anything on behalf of the attendee without their full awareness and permission – ensuring that you are always getting high quality, opt-in referrals.  Registrants choose if and how they refer!

What modules are included in the Gleanin Connect Platform?

Promote – The Gleanin Promote module is a digital toolbox to help organisers and exhibitors promote and track registrations and event performance.

Register –  The Register module takes the technical burden off of event staff by providing must-have social registration capabilities

Amplify – The Amplify Module includes many tools to empower your registrants to share and influence personal and professional contacts to join them.

Reward – Identify and incentivise key event advocates with the Gleanin Reward module.

Engage – The Gleanin Engage module is a retention solution that improves Registrant-to-Attendee conversion and reduces event attrition.

Analyse – Gleanin’s Analyse module provides customers with live data to confidently quantify key performance indicators achieved during each stage of the event participant’s social journey.

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In an arm wrestle between Gleanin CEO, Tamar Beck, and Head of Client Success, Gerry Sherwood, who would prevail?

That’s a personal question.  We’ll give you the answer once you sign up for a demo!