Case Study: UBM Customer Contact Expo & GleanIn

How Customer Contact Expo drove an overall increase in pre-registration to attendee conversion using GleanIn

You may be aware that we recently launched our social marketing/registration solution. GleanIn provides a social layer on top of your usual registration process to leverage the LinkedIn connections of your visitors and exhibitor staff to grow audience and increase pre-reg to attendee conversion.

After trials earlier this year, we’ve put together a case study around how UBM event Customer Contact Expo used our software and the impact it had.

Download the case study here, no details required.

We have gone live on RBTE and Retail Design Expo (Legend Exhibitions) and about to go live on Multimodal (Clarion) and we’ve also been busy with integrating with your registration suppliers – we’re now integrated with Show Data, N200 and LiveBuzz.

If you’d like to know more about how we can revolutionise your event, please do get in touch with

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