Benchmarking Social Registration

No two events are the same. So it is no surprise that social registration results vary from event to event and industry to industry. As we get more and more events on our social registration platform we are able to perform sophisticated benchmarking across our clients and use the results anonymously.

In this post we will cover why benchmarking is so important, but first let’s look at the main indicators we benchmark.

  1. % of registrants who opted to register socially

  2. % of total registrants that send invitations (email or social registrants)

  3. % of invites that convert to registrations

  4. % of overall registrations generated by Gleanin invites

  5. % of total registrants that broadcast their attendance on social media


What does benchmarking social registration results give us?

  1. Allows us to be proactive in our engagement: we provide extra contact and support if your event is underperforming. From making simple changes like wording and placement through to noticing your prepop is bypassing social registration, our suggestions from the weekly review of your event against the benchmarking data can make the world of difference.

  2. Ability to drive product improvements (and results for you) scientifically: without data from a variety of shows, and without the volume to AB test changes, we wouldn’t be able to make improvement with the confidence we can now. We are currently undergoing a major set of improvements driven by our benchmarking data which is being tested with clients and will be ready in Q2.

  3. Set expectations with clients about what to expect from social registration: we won’t take a client on who has unrealistic expectations or is just looking to social registration in the weeks before their event to boost registration. But when social registration is seen as one of the channels in your marketing program and planned in properly it can work wonders and provide a reliable uplift in registrations along with other benefits.

Want to speak to us about what to expect from Gleanin’s social registration on your event? Give us a call and discuss our latest benchmarking figures.

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