Don’t ignore your email registrants when running social registration

One of the questions we get asked repeatedly is what percentage of registrants register socially. This varies drastically from event to event, but at an exhibition it is safe to say that the majority are not going to register socially. This does not mean your email registrants can’t benefit from your enhanced social registration process, and in this post we look at the steps.

Let your email registrants invite others

Sending an invite is as social as it gets. An invite can be via email or social network even if they haven’t registered socially. At Gleanin we have seen impressive conversion rates from invites sent out from email registrants. You can make the process even more engaging by letting an invitor know when their invitees go on to register.

Give email registrants another chance to connect socially

For whatever reason, usually a lack of trust from having their social details abused previously, registrants can be reticent to share their details. On the gleanin social registration platform 10% of social registrants connect their social account after they have completed registration.

Follow up via email before the event

A 2013 study from the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) confirms what we all know intuitively, that attendees want to network with other professionals. Keep this in mind and gently remind your email registrants that they can still connect their social details to see who else they know coming to the event. If you can get this extra engagement it drives up attendee conversion rates, as we wrote about previously.

Build trust

The power of trust is important, it is slow to gain and quick to lose. If social registration truly delivers value to registrants, and their details are not abused, word will spread and more email registrants will be tempted in following editions of your event.

Want to speak to us about what your social registrants AND your email registrants will get from Gleanin’s social registration on your event? Give us a call or email us.

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