Grow your event’s audience simply and cost effectively

With heavy reliance on email and inhouse databases to drive visitor numbers each year, is it any wonder that organisers are needing to seek out new channels that will help them increase both the quality and quantity of their event audience?

That’s why I believe we have seen such unprecedented growth in the use of our social marketing tools. These tools have been built specifically to help the organiser leverage the social networks of their registrants, exhibitor brands and exhibitor personnel to increase relevant attendance.

With little effort required from the organiser, Gleanin enriches the registration experience for registrants by showing them who else is attending the event from their networks, and others “socially” registered. Importantly, they are encouraged to send personal email or social invites to relevant contacts and are able to purposely recommend the event to their networks. Organisers also have the option to offer exhibitors and their stand personnel simple access to the same valuable features, hugely increasing the event reach.

If generating new registrations isn’t enough to get you excited, we’ve also demonstrated that registrants who engage with Gleanin’s unique social marketing process are many times more likely to convert to attendees!

To see how social amplification and word of mouth marketing could work for you, check out this recent joint study around amplification and word of mouth marketing with Brightbull.

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