Reach and Relevancy – How social registration helps

Reach, the term is used to describe the potential audience for a social media post. In the social media world you will typically calculate potential reach by adding up all the followers of everyone who retweeted your tweet or the number of likes you have on your Facebook page or the number of followers you have on Instagram.

Getting Bieber or Stephen Fry to tweet about your event will get you huge reach. But is it the right reach?

In a recent interview with Event Industry News i2i CEO Mark Shashoua highlighted the importance of attracting the right audience – “What you are going to see, or what has already started to happen in many sectors, is that the audience base is evolving and becoming more discerning and demanding. The people that attend exhibitions now are much more relevant to the exhibitor than the ones that used to attend.”

He went on to say that “If that means our quantum of audience might be smaller but the quality is significantly higher – that’s fine.”

So how can Social Registration help you reach the right people?

1. Registrants are encouraged to broadcast their attendance

This is very different to getting someone famous to tweet. If you have been diligent in attracting the right audience to register (or re-register from previous years) then it is reasonable to expect that your registrants are connected to or are followed by people similar to themselves so you should welcome their reach. 

2. Exhibitors are encouraged to invite their contacts

Your exhibitors AND their stand staff are connected to the right audience. Getting them to invite their contacts is the single sure fire way to reach a relevant audience. 

3. Power of the 1-to-1 invite

If you are attracting the right audience in the first place it is safe to assume that they have colleagues and contacts who are relevant. The old saying that if you got each of your registrants to invite one other person to the event, you will double your pre-registration. This is something social registration is very good at. 

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