Gleanin takes UK market share – highlights of the past year

2016 was another exceptional year and one that ended with Gleanin as the clear market leader here in the UK Exhibition industry. Our social registration and referral marketing widgets continued to gain strong industry support as organisers and registration providers continue to choose Gleanin as their preferred supplier.

We pride ourselves in having a product which is technically robust and easy to work with and as such our registration suppliers often recommend us to their clients. We enjoy positive relationships with all our registration partners – N200|GES, Circdata, EAS, Interchange, Show Data, QRS and LiveBuzz and have recently integrated with Info Salons in the Middle East (for Tarsus) and with Cvent in the US (for Frost & Sullivan). We also completed an integration with marketing automation software, Marketo, on behalf of Ascential. Plus our successful partnership with N200|GES saw us deliver a tighter integration in 2016 which has proved a big hit with our joint customers! Look out for more news on this in the upcoming press release from N200|GES…..

2016 major highlights:

With this momentum behind us, 2017 has also got off to a tremendous start and so far we have won our first events from:

Successful trials and renewals demonstrate that Gleanin delivers value and ROI to our customers and we understand that’s the bottom line. Marketing budgets are tight and every channel used needs to deliver a solid and measurable CPA.

Technical update:

During 2017 we continue to iterate and develop our product suite to ensure that we deliver the best possible results for each of our clients, large or small. There are exciting developments on our roadmap this year, including a redesign of our exhibitor widget to focus on maximising stand staff engagement to deliver more relevant registrations for our customers and increase value for exhibitors. We’re also building webhooks to enable importing of Gleanin data sets (advocates, advocate actions and attributable registrations) into third party CRM. This will not only allow for even better reporting and transparency on the origin of our attributable registrations and your most valuable advocates, but also starts to build a network view of your audiences which you own, outside of the “social networks”.

Organisers choose Gleanin because we enable those registrants who genuinely want to recommend your event to their own contacts and networks, to do so in whatever way they choose. We report openly and transparently on the registrations that are attributable to these genuine advocates and we ALWAYS recognise that this data belongs to our customers.

Get in touch to learn more about Gleanin and what it could deliver for your events.

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