N200|GES partners with Gleanin to create seamless, socially-driven event registration

Tamar & David

N200|GES, experts in event registration, lead retrieval and event intelligence, has today announced a strategic partnership with Gleanin to provide integrated advanced marketing tools which drive registration and attendee conversion at events.

Gleanin’s social registration and referral marketing widgets prompt attendees to personally recommend events through their existing social networks. This software is now integrated with Visit, N200|GES’ registration and ticketing software, providing event organisers with seamless social registration and a new marketing channel. 

Leading event organisers are already taking advantage of the partnership with more than 100 exhibitions already live, and UBM and Easyfairs are rolling out Gleanin’s social referral widgets across their portfolios. UBM EMEA Digital Product Manager, Chad Brown, says “We have worked with Gleanin for several years with notable success. The transparency of their results and the level of support they provide to our marketers is second to none. The recent news of Gleanin’s formal partnership with our preferred registration supplier N200|GES made our decision to standardise very easy. We look forward to rolling Gleanin out across our EMEA portfolio this year and beyond.” 

Gleanin’s CEO, Tamar Beck, says “Our clients see Gleanin as a new marketing channel with favourable cost per acquisition results. Not only do we deliver relevant trackable registrations, we provide additional value in the provision of new data sets to improve future marketing campaigns. We are delighted by how easy it now is to activate Gleanin on Visit and look forward to growing the number of N200|GES’ clients who benefit from our new partnership.”

“The key benefit is that registrations generated through participant referral are usually very personal and relevant. Their propensity to attend is, therefore, more likely,” says David Cunningham, N200|GES commercial director. “Our latest figures show that social referral boosts registration campaigns. On average, more than 11.5% of attendees are advocating events by encouraging their social contacts to register with 4.5% of all registrations coming through social engagement. Partnering Visit with Gleanin offers our clients an even more valuable registration solution to maximise relevant pre-show registration acquisition and drive conversion to attend.”

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