A Peek Under the Gleanin Bonnet

We’d like to share a quick rundown on what our tech team has been working on and a little insight into why.

WhatsApp Integration

In case you missed it, we recently added WhatsApp functionality to our Gleanin Connect platform. WhatsApp integration is now live across all our clients’ events and allows mobile registrants to tell their contacts about the event directly via the WhatsApp mobile app. This is part of our broader focus on mobile, which we believe is a critically important channel for attendee acquisition.

To deliver Gleanin comprehensively, we need to make sure that people can advocate using the channel they want, including the native apps on their phones. Technically, this can mean losing visibility of the actions they’re taking and making the results of word of mouth harder to measure – “dark social,” as one client recently put it. So, we have developed a way to add WhatsApp advocacy without losing transparency.

The most common question we’ve had by far is:

“Can you tell me who registered from a WhatsApp invite?”

Yes, we can!

Prior to our WhatsApp development, we undertook extensive research to ensure we could continue to provide the transparency our clients’ value. Existing Gleanin clients will see more changes in this area as we focus on bringing advocacy channels into their reports.

Enabling Customer Support

We pride ourselves in our customer support, from answering questions promptly to proactively reaching out with ideas and suggestions to improve our results. But as we add integrations with new registration providers and new clients, we’re also working to streamline the administrative functionality so that customers can access more data more easily on their own. It will make for better, more informed collaborations with Gleanin.

Do More With Your Data

We’ve shared the first version of our API with a few clients. The use cases vary, from automating the inclusion of Gleanin links in their email marketing campaigns to rewarding top advocates and verifying the value of Gleanin attributable registrations. Expect more news here as we work with clients to meet their requirements. Please let us know if you’d like to be part of this pilot program.

The Gleanin team is always working on ways to enhance our platform. We welcome feedback from our clients and look forward to providing them with new and more effective attendee acquisition channels as technology and social networks evolve.

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