6 Registration Incentive Ideas To Sell Out Your Next Event

It takes TONS of work putting on any kind of event or meeting. But the success of many events is often judged on one primary metric: attendee registration totals.

Low attendee registration numbers impact everything from sponsor and speaker satisfaction to the revenue and PR the event generates.

Use these six attendee registration incentive ideas to boost overall attendance.

Offer Special Giveaways or Discounts

According to Eventbrite and BizBash research, 45 percent of event planners use giveaways and contests to push registration, and 31 percent offer group discounts.

Just like Uber’s key growth strategy has been offering a free ride to anyone who refers a friend, increase event attendance by offering special perks like:

Promote Early Bird Discounts

Eventbrite and BizBash also found 64 percent of planners say their most successful promotional method is the early bird discount.

Rather than offering a single discount, offer a tiered early registration strategy, such as:

Tap into FOMO

A survey conducted by Eventbrite found nearly half of millennials surveyed attend live events so they have something to share online, and 78 percent reported enjoying seeing other people’s experiences on social media.

Millennial’s obsession with FOMO (fear of missing out) can be a bonus for event organizers. Sharing behind-the-scenes of the planning process, or photo or video recaps of an amazing event as part of your event promotion is a sure way to tap into FOMO – and boost attendance.

Use Past Attendees & Influencers

If you aren’t already using past event attendees as a resource for boosting attendance, start off with a targeted campaign, inviting them to sign up again. As a bonus, offer a special discount or perk if they register with a friend.

Ask industry influencers to help spread the word, too. This could work on a paid basis or, depending on the relationship, could come as free advertising.

Share Customer Testimonials

Before trying a new restaurant or purchasing something, you’ve likely read online reviews to learn more. Just as Yelp, Amazon and tons of others companies use customer reviews to sell products and services, so should event organizers.

Add customer reviews or testimonials throughout your event promotion materials and the event registration process. It’s an important step to make event attendees feel more comfortable about their decision to register for an event.

Encourage Social Media Referrals

Every event attendee has hundreds, if not thousands, of active social media connections. Reward socially-active attendees when they help spread the word for you.

Plus, if you sweeten the stakes for spreading the word by offering an entry into a grand prize drawing for every registration that’s made from referrals, that’s a surefire way to increase attendance.

It doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated to offer incentives to drive event attendance. With a little pre-planning and creativity, you’ll be well on your way to a sellout.

If you’re looking for more ideas on how to increase event registrations for your next event, talk to us

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