Easyfairs continues Gleanin rollout

London, UK. 9th July 2018 – Leading event organiser Easyfairs continues to rollout Gleanin’s referral marketing platform, Gleanin Connect, across its extensive portfolio of international events.  

After experiencing success using Gleanin Connect across a number of visitor acquisition campaigns for its events portfolio run out of the UK during 2016, Easyfairs has now implemented the platform on over 50 of its events taking place this year in Asia, Africa, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and the US.

In the first half of this year alone, the event organiser has so far seen an average of 14% of all visitor pre-registrants choosing to refer their events on to their own contacts and networks; either by sending personal invites and/or sharing their attendance on their social media networks. These referral campaigns conducted by the visitor registrants themselves, facilitated via the Gleanin platform, have delivered an average of 8% of registrations for the portfolio so far this year.

Alison Church, Marketing Director for Easyfairs UK & Global, comments, “We all know that we are far more likely to buy into something that is recommended by a friend or colleague, and Gleanin Connect has provided us with a really simple tool to not only extend our marketing reach, but also enable our advocates to easily recommend our shows. It is one of the most successful channels of visitor acquisition on our events, and I’m delighted to extend our relationship into more markets.”

The news follows the recent announcement of Gleanin’s new partnership with event organiser RAI Amsterdam and demonstrates the continuation of success in 2018 for the event tech company.

Tamar Beck, CEO at Gleanin, adds, “We are delighted to continue to strengthen our partnership with Easyfairs across the world, but more importantly, it’s great to see such a consistently high performance across this portfolio. I’ve no doubt this is down to a combination of a seamless integration, a highly engaged marketing team executing best practice AND a portfolio of events held in high regard by their respective communities.”

“2018 has been a huge year in the world of exhibitions and a successful one for Gleanin. We are proud to be part of this amazing industry and look forward to sharing some exciting developments in the coming year.”  

For more information on Gleanin Connect visit www.gleanin.com or contact hello@gleanin.com.

About Gleanin

Gleanin Connect is a module-based, referral marketing platform, designed to facilitate high-value, social connections across the entire event registration experience. An award-winning event technology company, Gleanin is a valued marketing tool used on 300+ exhibitions and events.

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