#ETL18 Preview: The Future of Event Registration White Paper

October 31, 2018

We’re all feeling a little giddy around the Gleanin offices. In case you haven’t seen the news, it’s been an exciting couple of months.


We’ll be releasing our new white paper at #ETL18. The content stems from a deep dive into millions of event registration data points gathered from 627 events across 98 organizers.

Here is an early preview of a few of the key insights gleaned from our exclusive research on mobile-optimized event registrations.

Mobile-optimized Registration Is Increasingly Important

Mobile devices have transformed the desire for consumers to have frictionless, on-demand and omnichannel buying experiences. As a result, expectations for event registration to emulate consumer-buying channels, including mobile, is increasingly important.

Gleanin’s data indicates more attendees are registering via mobile (perhaps due to the influx of younger professionals into the workforce).

However, while many organizers provide a responsive registration website, registrants typically find the user experience to be less than ideal.

Mobile Registrations Varies by Region

Surprisingly, mobile registrations completed vary by geographic regions.

Mobile Registrations by Industry

Gleanin looked at registration data across 35 industry sectors. Two surprising insights:

Use of Mobile Devices is Trending Upwards

Specifically looking at three years of registration data for three of the world’s largest exhibition organizers, mobile registrations completions have increased, on average, by 86.3 percent!

For one organizer, the number of mobile registrations completed in 2018 now amounts to 17.7 percent of total registrations.

Nearly five billion people use mobile devices every day, a number that will increase. With competition for attendees strong and new attendees increasingly coming from mobile-native young professionals, the future of event registration is mobile-optimized—and registration companies and event organizers should invest in mobile-optimized registration solutions to meet the coming demand.

Join us at #ETL18 at stand 406 during November 7-8, 2018 at the Old Truman Brewery, London to learn more and get a copy of the entire white paper. If you won’t be at Event Tech Live, contact us to receive a free copy of the whitepaper once it’s released.

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