Is Your Event Attendee Acquisition Technology Prepared for GDPR?

Here in the UK and the rest of Europe, we’ve been talking about and preparing for the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for quite a while. It’s been in the making for over four years.

Many think it’s just for European Union (EU) countries, but that’s a mistake. GDPR is set to shake up just about everything when it comes to data privacy for both EU countries and the rest of the world. And while the new regulations were adopted back in April 2016, starting May 25, 2018, GDPR comes into full force. Because it’s a regulation, it applies automatically and the penalties are harsh.

Here’s a closer look at what GDPR means for event organizers, your event attendee acquisition technology and the data you collect. (Note: this article is intended to provide helpful information. Contact your organization’s legal/compliance director or Data Protection Officer for specifically how GDPR relates to your organization.)

An Overview of GDPR

The European Parliament, the Council of the European Union, and the European Commission set out several years ago to make Europe “fit for the digital age.” The resulting GDPR includes regulations on the collection, use, transfer, monitoring, tracking and even viewing of personal data.

As Glisser defines personal data, “this can be anything from a name, email address, photo or computer IP address to more detailed information on medical conditions, dietary requirements and social media posts…even photos of attendee badges displaying individual QR codes would fall into this category.”

In other words, YIKES!

Much of what is defined as personal data is what we collect as organizers about our attendees.

And because GDPR applies to any organization operating within the EU, as well as any organizations outside of the EU which offer goods or services to customers or businesses in the EU, all businesses need to be thinking about GDPR.

As an example, if you’re a US-based event organizer and host occasional events somewhere in the EU or have any attendees based in EU member states, GDPR applies to you too! That ultimately means almost every major corporation in the world needs to be ready with a GDPR strategy.

Key Aspects of GDPR

Specifically for organizers as it relates to event attendee acquisition and the technology you use, these are highlights of several key aspects of GDPR:

What GDPR Means for Event Attendee Acquisition Technology

At Gleanin, we take information security, privacy and data protection very seriously. We’ve taken these steps to prepare for GDPR:

Since navigating the waters of GDPR is tricky and there are pretty big penalties for violations, we recommend asking your event attendee acquisition technology provider the following tough questions about their data protection and consent policies:

Wondering how you can stay GDPR compliant with your attendee acquisition efforts? Contact us for a demo to learn more!

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