Gleanin Brings Attendee Acquisition Suite to Freeman’s Fuzion Network

Gleanin is the latest member to join Fuzion™, the Freeman open digital event technology ecosystem designed to create a seamless experience for event organizers and attendees. Its attendee acquisition suite joins other applications in this expanding technology category.

Getting Best-in-Breeds to Talk

Fuzion aims to help solve industry-wide integration challenges by acting as a foundation between digital solutions and establishing a common language that allows multiple tools to talk to each other, seamlessly connecting data across all points of the event lifecycle.

Kristen Koenig, senior manager, digital channel sales & partnerships at Freeman, explains data integration has long been a pain point within the event space. “Unlike other industries that have integration platforms, the event industry has yet to benefit from this type of innovation.”

Koenig explained, “With many organizers utilizing multiple event technologies for an event, they spend a significant amount of time, money and resources getting these technologies to work and talk to each other.”

Within the ecosystem, event organizers continue to have the freedom to choose the solution that matches their unique needs. Kelly Parisi, senior manager, digital initiatives at Freeman, said, “What makes Fuzion unique is the openness of the platform and the large member network that allows organizers to connect their best-in-breed technologies.”

Within the Fuzion member network, combining and standardizing data from multiple event technologies is a whole lot easier because all solutions talk the same language. So rather than spending time and resources to get these technologies to work together on a one-off basis, Fuzion enables easier integrations so organizers can focus on creating the best experience for their attendees.

Adding An Attendee Acquisition Suite to the Ecosystem

As one of the newest members, Gleanin joins 70+ technology partners committed to shaping the future of the event industry. Currently, Fuzion is supported by a member network that covers segments across the events industry – including registration, mobile apps, floor plan management, abstract management, and exhibitor management – with many more on the horizon.

For Gleanin, being a part of the Fuzion network offers multiple benefits. First, digital is here to stay and will continue to transform the face-to-face event experience. It’s exciting to be a part of a movement that solves the long-standing challenge of data standardization, while also continuing to bring more innovation to the events industry.

Second, Gleanin knows how challenging it is for organizers to effectively and efficiently integrate multiple technologies within their event tech stack. With the common API (application programming interface) framework provided by Fuzion, organizers can worry less about trying to piecemeal technologies together and focus instead on enhancing the overall event experience.

Third, Gleanin already shares several mutual customers with Freeman, including UBM and Reed Exhibitions. It’s a win-win for all to serve clients like these and others across the globe.

To learn more about Gleanin’s attendee acquisition suite and its membership in the Fuzion network, please contact Tamar Beck.

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