How Event Organizers Can Incorporate Personalized Marketing in 2019

As planning for 2019 continues to take shape, finding new and effective strategies for acquiring attendees is top-of-mind for many organizers. One topic getting a lot of buzz lately is personalization.

In an era when a significant portion of email marketing is spam and the average person sees thousands of banner ads, personalized marketing uses data and technology to deliver individual messages and product offerings to current or prospective customers.

Personalized marketing delivers results:

How can organizers incorporate personalization into their marketing and promotion efforts? Here are 9 top ideas shared during a recent TSNN #Expochat:

1) Learn from Hotels and Retail

Terence Donnelly, vice president, sales of Experient, suggested organizers take a page from hotels and retailers. Thanks to businesses like Amazon which is highly skilled at delivering personalized service, consumers are expecting, if not demanding, highly personalized marketing experiences.

2) Change the Perspective

Robyn Davis, one of BizBash’s Top 500 People in Events and a trade show strategy specialist, suggested personalization sometimes can be a simple shift in language.

Stephanie Selesnick, president of International Trade Information, Inc. broke personalization down into three simple steps.

3) Segment Your Audience

Another idea is to put the data to use you’ve been collecting about your attendees. Whether it is titles, buying personas, the number of events attended or topics of interest, segment audiences into “birds of a feather” groups and tailor specific communications to those groups based on their shared similarities or interests.

4) Tailor Marketing Messages to Attendee Historical Data

Elizabeth Glau, customer success manager at Sciensio, a2z Digital Media and Maryls Arnold, author of “Exhibit Design That Works,” offered several other smart ways to leverage already collected data to tailor marketing messages.

5) Encourage Personal Referrals

According to Nielsen, 92 percent of consumers trust recommendations from other consumers. One way to get really personal is to encourage and reward attendees for promoting your event to their networks.

6) Map a Customer Journey

Especially for associations who know their audiences well, creating a “map” of the steps customers or attendees take when interacting with an event can lead to better personalization.

7) Employ Retargeting and Dynamic Profiling

Another valuable source of audience intelligence to personalize messaging is to tap into website visiting behavior and resources attendees are reading.

8) Make a Phone Call

With all of the digital tools available, it’s easy to forget about the power of the often-overlooked phone or video call.

9) Don’t Forget Personas and Psychographics

In the end, personalization doesn’t make a difference if you don’t have the right “what’s in it” message for attendees.

There are many ways to get started personalizing your marketing and promotion. Some are simple while others take a bit more time, but the point is, personalization pays off.

Interested in learning more about how attendee referral marketing is used to personalize your marketing? Contact us for a quick demo!

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