How to Leverage Data to Boost Attendee Acquisition

Organizers know the cost to acquire new attendees is already steep. And as that price continues to go up, no one can afford attendee churn. It’s important to reach new audiences – while keeping the ones you already have.

That’s why organizers are trying to learn as much as they can about their attendees by leveraging data. Analyzing and understanding data gathered throughout registration as well as the event can help boost attendee acquisition and keep loyal attendees coming back.

Here’s how to better leverage three key data points and ideas for using those insights to boost attendee acquisition efforts.


How well do you know your attendees? Sure, you routinely collect information about their job titles and roles, and you may also have insights into purchasing plans and budgets.

But what about other information that can be used to support your attendee acquisition efforts, like their preferred social media channels, blogs and podcasts, or the industry organizations and publications they follow?

Tip to Boost Attendee Acquisition:

If you haven’t revised your registration questions in a while, it’s time to update and collect additional demographic information that can be used to increase the effectiveness of your acquisition strategies, especially when it comes to social media.

For example, if you discover a majority of attendees follow a certain industry organization or publication, create a sponsored social ad to target followers of the industry organization or publication’s Facebook page. It’s likely those page followers share similar interests to your attendees and will also be interested in your event – an easy way to attract a new pool of attendees to your event.

Year-Over-Year Registration Trends

Of course, it’s important to track registration trends to see how your event is performing compared to previous events.

But it’s time to dig deeper into registration trends.

Beyond knowing how event registration stacks up to the same time last year, specifically look into timing trends, such as:

Tip to Boost Attendee Acquisition:

Specific registration insights like the above are extremely valuable for shaping your marketing and promotion efforts – and boosting attendee acquisition.

For example, if a majority of registrations come late, make sure your marketing and promotion efforts are planned – and budgeted – accordingly to support last-minute efforts.

Or if attendees come in groups, add incentives, special offers, or even social referral strategies to encourage bringing a friend.

Social Media Insights

Many organizers have systems already in place to track the effectiveness of traditional attendee acquisition efforts, like email or direct mail.

But while social media is an increasingly important tactic, measuring effectiveness has typically been trickier. Numbers like total impressions or reach don’t directly translate to registrations.

Tip to Boost Attendee Acquisition:

Beyond promoting your event on social channels, make it easy for attendees to share and invite their networks to join them at the event. After all, potential attendees are more receptive to a personal invite from a known contact than a cold invite.

And unlike traditional social media metrics, social media referral platforms provide detailed insights like:

Using and understanding data for your audience acquisition efforts doesn’t have to be complicated. Try starting with these three key areas and tips – and you’ll be well on your way to boosting your audience acquisition efforts.

Wondering how social media referral marketing can boost your audience acquisition efforts? Watch a demo to learn more.

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