The Growing Role of Attendee Acquisition Manager

As an organizer’s attendee acquisition toolkit expands to include more digital and social strategies, we hear questions all the time: Who should be in charge of planning and executing attendee acquisition strategies? What should we keep in-house versus outsourcing? And how can we staff our team to keep up with shifting attendee acquisition trends and best practices? Enter the changing role of attendee acquisition manager.

Responsibilities like campaign planning, implementation and measurement have been a part of attendee acquisition for years. What’s new is that organizers have started hiring digital and social marketing specialists to add their expertise to this dynamic role.

Here’s a quick primer on how we see the role of attendee acquisition manager today.

What Does an Attendee Acquisition Manager Do?

An attendee acquisition manager is tasked with growing show attendance.

That means they:

Who Makes a Great Attendee Acquisition Manager?

The best attendee acquisition managers we know have:

With growing shows remaining a top challenge, look for more organizers to expand the typical attendee acquisition role to include additional social and digital skills.

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