Why WhatsApp Matters in Social Referral Marketing

Pop quiz time: rank the top three social/messaging platforms by monthly active users.


(“Jeopardy” music plays…


and, now time’s up!)


You likely easily guessed Facebook and YouTube for the top two.

But what about the third?

If you guessed WhatsApp, you’re correct.

If you aren’t familiar with WhatsApp, here’s a look at why the platform holds a key for organizers looking to unlock show growth through a larger global attendee reach.

WhatsApp By the Numbers

WhatsApp is a free app to download for smartphones. Using the internet, users can send messages, images, audio or video. Because WhatsApp uses the internet, the cost of using it is significantly less than SMS texting – and one reason it has grown exponentially.

Global and Mobile Social Referrals Matter in Audience Acquisition

Aside from the sheer number of active users, there are two reasons why WhatsApp is becoming a key channel for organizers looking to tap new channels for their audience acquisition efforts – and why Gleanin has introduced WhatsApp to its referral marketing platform.

First, WhatsApp is a dominant force in the world — particularly outside of the United States.

The top 10 countries using WhatsApp:

As the primary method for communicating and news source in some countries, WhatsApp is an integral part of the global digital landscape. That means organizers, especially those in the United States, who want to connect with potential international attendees, can achieve a greater reach through WhatsApp’s user base.

Second, WhatsApp is one of the most wildly popular mobile messaging apps, heavily influenced by the fact that it was made for mobile devices first and not for computers like other social channels.

Given our increasingly on the go society, WhatsApp provides a mobile mechanism to connect and share with anyone, at any time, in any place. And that’s especially important as more event registrations are completed on a mobile device. Currently, 15 percent of event registrations take place on mobile. With smartphone users expected to reach 2.5 billion by 2019, mobile registrations are likely to grow.

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter continue to be a powerful ally for organizers in their audience acquisition and social referral marketing efforts. However, by tapping other marketing channels like WhatsApp with a different global user base and mobile reach, organizers can reach new potential audiences like never before.

Wondering how to take advantage of WhatsApp in your social referral marketing program? Schedule a Gleanin Connect demo to learn more.

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