6 Tips to Maximize Social Referral Marketing Success

Now that you’ve made the decision to implement Gleanin Connect to boost your events’ audience acquisition efforts, what’s next?

Maximize your social referral marketing success with these six tips:

  1. Assemble Your Implementation Squad

The first step to success is to bring together all relevant key technology providers. Your implementation squad should include internal team members, your registration partner and, of course, Gleanin.

Have an initial kick-off meeting that aligns everyone on overall goals and expectations. And because Gleanin works closely with your registration partner to ensure set-up is completed efficiently and painlessly, it makes sense to have everyone working together from the very beginning.

  1. Establish a Timeline

Since Gleanin Connect plugs into the registration process, the ideal scenario is to have the platform up and running before registration opens. Of course, if you launch registration and decide to incorporate social referral marketing at a later date, Gleanin can easily be integrated into registration up until about three months before the event.

Starting with the date you’re planning to open registration, work backwards to develop a detailed implementation timeline that dictates what will be done, by who and by when.

Review the implementation timeline with your squad to make sure all relevant deliverables – like content, incentives, set up and testing – will be ready in line with those time frames.

  1. Set Benchmarks

To track progress, it’s helpful to set initial benchmarks around both referrals and advocacy. But keep in mind benchmarks aren’t just limited to social registrations. As an example, attendees can advocate/spread the word on social networks and send referral emails with no social registration required.

Typical Gleanin clients average between 10 percent of registrations completed socially, with an average of 12 percent choosing to advocate for an event by broadcasting to their network, inviting people from their network or emailing.

If you’d like additional insights into setting benchmarks for your specific event, talk to your Gleanin team. With Gleanin Connect used at over 600 global events spanning 3,000,000+ registrants, our team can provide deep data to target benchmark recommendations.

  1. Get Ready for Launch!

One often-overlooked, but critically important step to social referral success is to plan and agree on the use of any incentives/rewards. As an example, think about whether you want to offer a discount to anyone who registers from a social referral.

Some of the best ideas for boosting use of social referral marketing include:

This strategy can be a powerful incentive for boosting sharing and registrations. Just let the Gleanin team know if you’ll be using this strategy so they can add the appropriate discount code to the referrals.

And if you are using any rewards, don’t forget to incorporate messaging throughout the registration process so attendees are aware of the special incentives.

Because Gleanin Connect is intuitively designed and seamlessly integrates with the best event registration, management and marketing automation system and tools, on average, the only other to-do before launch is to have Gleanin complete a series of simple pre-launch tests and signed off to go live. It’s that easy! :

  1. Develop Campaigns to Boost Social Referrals

Now that you’ve launched your social referral marketing program, it’s time to develop additional campaigns to encourage referrals and advocacy. One simple but effective idea can be a targeted email campaign to already registered attendees that promotes a special reward and includes Gleanin’s personalized attendee share links so metrics can be easily tracked.

  1. Monitor Progress and Metrics

Once registration is up and running, review Gleanin’s provided metrics to see progress toward your goals. Gleanin provides all customers with best practice documents to highlight what they can do to boost performance, ideas for campaigns and special Gleanin features they can utilize.

In addition, Gleanin offers a best practice web conference call that ensures clients fully understand the live reporting dashboard and how to export their real-time data– so tap into all of these ideas and resources for maximum success!

For other tips to maximize your social referral success with Gleanin Connect, talk to us.

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