Gleanin Rolls Out New Mobile Design

Peter Richards, CTO and co-founder of attendee acquisition software company Gleanin, announced the company has developed an interface that streamlines the mobile user experience of its Gleanin Connect platform. An image of the new interface is below.

Gleanin Connect allows event registrants to invite colleagues (advocate) using LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp or email. The update eliminates the need for mobile event registrants to scroll down the page in order to reach the Gleanin dashboard after they have registered. Instead, users are directed immediately to an interface that allows them to select an advocacy channel. If they select email, the interface provides the user with access to the phone’s native email client so he or she can autocomplete the email addresses instead of having to search for them.

“With the high percentage of mobile device users, it is incumbent upon event technology providers to make the mobile user experience seamless. We believe that if more people can easily use mobile devices to register and refer events to others, more new registrations will result,” Richards commented.

Gleanin’s mobile interface is part of the firm’s multi-phase plan to highlight the need and lost opportunity arising from a poor mobile registration experience. Gleanin began studying the abandonment rate associated with mobile registration early in 2018. It summarized its findings in the white paper, “The Case for Mobile-Optimized Registration in B2B Events,” published in November last year. This year, it has taken steps to streamline mobile access to Gleanin Connect’s social referral marketing tools, which integrate with registration.

Gleanin CEO, Tamar Beck said, “Whilst it’s clear that mobile users expect to get the same seamless experience when interacting with event registration on their mobile as they do when registering via desktop, the length and complexity of mobile event registration forms are still a work in progress. As we’re in the business of facilitating authentic advocacy and delivering new attendees for organizers, Gleanin’s aim is to ensure that those people that do complete registration on their devices are able to advocate for the event with zero friction.”

For more information contact Gleanin.

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