Top 10 Most Valuable Audience Acquisition Posts to Prep for 2019

We combed through our analytics to bring you the most valuable audience acquisition posts in 2018.

Catch up on any articles that you missed to grow your show or re-read for other ideas to boost audience acquisition and social referral marketing success this year.

  1. 6 Registration Incentive Ideas To Sell Out Your Next Event

It takes TONS of work putting on any kind of event or meeting. But the success of many events is often judged on one primary metric: attendee registration totals.

Low attendee registration numbers impact everything from sponsor and speaker satisfaction to the revenue and PR the event generates.

Use these six attendee registration incentive ideas to boost overall attendance.

  1. Attendee Acquisition Statistics and Benchmark Data

A potential attendee sees one of your event promotions, takes an action to learn more about your event – and if the stars are aligned just right – decides to register for your event.

It happens hundreds of thousands of times a day, all across the world, for all kinds of events from small conferences to large industry trade shows and exhibitions.

But while it’s common, we all know attendee acquisition isn’t anywhere that simple. There are many, many factors involved that influence an attendee’s decision to attend an event – everything from the education/content, networking opportunities, location, cost and even who else is coming. And with so many more promotional channels today, it’s a challenge to plan an attendee acquisition and promotion strategy that will reach potential attendees where they’re most likely to see it.

To help, we’ve compiled a list of key statistics and benchmark data as a helpful resource for planning your attendee acquisition and promotion strategy.

  1. How Event Attendee Acquisition is Evolving

The good news? Thanks to a stronger economy and growing demand, all signs point toward continued positive growth for the meeting and events industry.

But the not-so-good news is increasing attendance remains a top challenge for most event organizers. Exhibit Surveys has previously reported that 57 percent of event executives say “growing attendance” is their top challenge.

So what are event organizers currently doing to acquire new attendees? And what should they add to the marketing mix going forward?

Here’s a look at how the attendee acquisition landscape is evolving.

  1. The Global Impact of the Exhibitions Industry

The exhibitions industry has a profound influence on economic growth in cities, regions and countries.

Our team put together a few stats in celebration of Global Exhibitions Day to illustrate this impact.

  1. Is Your Event Attendee Acquisition Technology Prepared for GDPR?

Here’s a closer look at what GDPR means for event organizers, your event attendee acquisition technology and the data you collect.

(Note: this article is intended to provide helpful information. Contact your organization’s legal/compliance director or Data Protection Officer for specifically how GDPR relates to your organization.)

  1. How to Leverage Data to Boost Attendee Acquisition

Organizers know the cost to acquire new attendees is already steep. And as that price continues to go up, no one can afford attendee churn. It’s important to reach new audiences – while keeping the ones you already have.

That’s why organizers are trying to learn as much as they can about their attendees by leveraging data. Analyzing and understanding data gathered throughout registration as well as the event can help boost attendee acquisition and keep loyal attendees coming back.

Here’s how to better leverage three key data points and ideas for using those insights to boost attendee acquisition efforts.

  1. 5 Research-Backed Insights to Grow Your Show Attendance

With increasing show attendance remaining a top challenge for most, organizers continue to expand and add new tools to their audience acquisition toolkit. Increasingly, it’s not just about how you market your events, but where you market them too – especially in a fragmented media landscape.

To get to the heart of the where question, we dug into the recently released Part Two of the “How to Grow Attendance” series from the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR).

Here are five research-backed insights event organizers can use to help grow show attendance.

  1. Planning Your Audience Acquisition Technology Stack

In recent years, the Event Technology Landscape has arrived on the scene. This graphic represents over 245 providers who specifically provide technologies used to manage and measure events.

A glance confirms not only is technology reshaping all aspects of marketing but all marketers – including show organizers – are increasingly relying on a collection of tech tools (also known as a “stack”).

Drawing on our chat with Govind Sharma, director of technology at UBM, these are four tips for organizers to think about when planning and implementing an audience acquisition technology stack.

  1. The Growing Role of Attendee Acquisition Manager

As an organizer’s attendee acquisition toolkit expands to include more digital and social strategies, we hear questions all the time: Who should be in charge of planning and executing attendee acquisition strategies? What should we keep in-house versus outsourcing? And how can we staff our team to keep up with shifting attendee acquisition trends and best practices? Enter the changing role of attendee acquisition manager.

Responsibilities like campaign planning, implementation and measurement have been a part of attendee acquisition for years. What’s new is that organizers have started hiring digital and social marketing specialists to add their expertise to this dynamic role.

Read this quick primer on how the role of attendee acquisition manager is growing.

  1. What’s Working in Audience Acquisition: Top Tips from #Meetingprofs and #Eventprofs

To say audience acquisition for events and meetings remains a challenge is an understatement. Many organizers find their email databases are no longer as effective as they used to be. And it’s exhausting and resource-intensive to keep generating outbound event promotion methods.

To see what’s really working when it comes to audience acquisition, we asked seasoned #meetingprofs and #eventprofs to share their top insights and tips.

Talk to the Gleanin team for more ideas to increase registrations with our social-referral marketing platform.

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