Insights on attendee acquisition.

December 31, 2018

The Future of Event Registration: Insights from Clarion, Easyfairs and UBM

What does the future of event registration look like? That was one of the topics we explored during Event Tech Live 2018 with a power-packed panel[...]

December 18, 2018

How Working at Reed Exhibitions Shaped Tamar Beck’s Perspective on Audience Acquisition

Tamar Beck spends her days overseeing Gleanin’s sales, marketing, operations and finance. In fact, as CEO Tamar has helped shape Gleanin into the go[...]

December 10, 2018

Western Business Exhibitions Confirms Partnership with Gleanin for 2019

London, UK. 10th December 2018 – B2B event organiser Western Business Exhibitions (“WBE”), has confirmed it is to continue its partnersh[...]

November 29, 2018

9 Event Audience Acquisition Insiders to Follow

With an ever-expanding list of strategies and tools, the cha[...]

November 16, 2018

How Event Organizers Can Incorporate Personalized Marketing in 2019

As planning for 2019 continues to take shape, finding new and effective strategies for acquiring attendees is top-of-mind for many organizers. One top[...]

November 9, 2018

Thinking Outside The Funnel: A new way to strategize attendee acquisition

The below article was published in the Attendee Acquisition Roundtable Resource Book produced by Sam Lippman, president, Lippman Connects.[...]

October 31, 2018

#ETL18 Preview: The Future of Event Registration White Paper

We’re all feeling a little giddy around the Gleanin offices. In case you haven’t seen the news, it’s been an exciting couple of months. We:[...]

October 24, 2018

Beyond Influencer Marketing Fraud: The Truth About Authentic Social Referrals

Influencer marketing has rapidly grown over the past few years, with some[...]

October 12, 2018

Let’s Talk About Mobile at Event Tech Live 2018

Whoa! We’re about to reach a landmark 3 million registrations having gone via our Gleanin Connect platform. These 3 million registrations have be[...]

September 27, 2018

Why WhatsApp Matters in Social Referral Marketing

Pop quiz time: rank the top three social/messaging platforms by monthly active users.   (“Jeopardy” music plays…[...]

September 21, 2018

4 Quick Tips for Building an Exhibitor Referral Marketing Program

In just a few weeks, we’re heading to Washington D.C. for the 2018[...]

September 14, 2018

A Peek Under the Gleanin Bonnet

We’d like to share a quick rundown on what our tech team has been working on and a little insight into why.[...]

September 12, 2018

Gleanin Introduces WhatsApp to Referral Marketing Platform

London, United Kingdom – 12 September 2018: Gleanin, the leading referral marketing platform for exhibitions, has today announced that visit[...]

September 10, 2018

How Social Referral Marketing Stacks up with Other Top Attendee Growth Strategies

As a majority of event executives continue to[...]

August 30, 2018

Planning Your Audience Acquisition Technology Stack

You’ve likely heard of the Marketing Technology Landscap[...]