Case Studies

See how customers like Professional Beauty and Event Tech Live are using Gleanin Connect!

Case Studies
Gleanin Proves ROI And Boosts Registrations Across UBM’s EMEA Portfolio
“With Gleanin, we are able to absolutely measure the active social referrals and the impact it has on our events...The quality of the attendees is better if the attendees themselves have invited them.” Govind Sharma, Director of Technology, UBM
HDI Conference & Expo 2018
“I was very familiar with our audience and knew that word of mouth was our number one marketing tool. So, for us to be able to find a solution like Gleanin that gives our attendees and alumni exactly what they need to make it easy to refer people [to register] was a no-brainer in my opinion.” Jenny Rains, Events Marketing Manager, UBM Tech’s HDI portfolio  
SITS 2018
“Gleanin was a great tool for our event – easy to implement and cost-effective. We got weekly reports from the Gleanin team as to how the tool was performing, and regular ‘prompts’ as to how we can best utilise it.” Becky Webb, Marketing Manager, Diversified Communications
MACH 2018
“We were very impressed with Gleanin – this system is the logical evolution for advocating our event and reaching our visitor base via social media channels. The reports and support provided were excellent and the tangible results are clear to see in the conversion rate and the attributable registrations; it works!” Nicola Harrison, Marketing Manager, Manufacturing Technologies Association
Travel Technology Europe 2018
“I found Gleanin to be both simple to implement and effective in delivery, with statistics to back up sentiment.” Joe Walter, Marketing Manager, Centaur Media
Business Travel Show 2018
“I found Gleanin to be both simple to implement and effective in delivery, with statistics to back up sentiment.” Joe Walter, Marketing Manager, Centaur Media
Secura North Africa 2018
“You never get a  second chance to make a first impression. And this is more than the case in the Exhibition industry. When we decided to launch a new Safety & Security show in Algeria, we knew that it was extremely important to have a broad visibility on the social networks as the topic is multi-sectorial. Gleanin played an amplifier role along with our online marketing campaign and allowed us to increase our visibility and credibility among all the targeted visitors.” Olivier Hicham-Allard, Managing Director, Easyfairs Northeral
Maintenance/Pump & Valves Antwerp 2018
“It was the first time Gleanin was integrated in the registration for our show and we are impressed by the way our audience immediately used it to invite friends & family to our event. The add on “see who’s coming” is very useful in a businesslike environment and we will integrate it certainly again the next edition!” Wim Kegelaers, Marketing Event Manager, Easyfairs Benelux
ADF&PCD 2018
“I truly believe that Gleanin and social media registrations are the future for events! ADF&PCD Paris has a great heritage, now on its 15th edition; thanks to its reputation, the main visitor acquisition is word of mouth and referral marketing. Gleanin is the exact tool we needed to continue and help to continue our growth!” Emma Appert, Marketing Leader, Easyfairs Oriex
KBB 2018
“Very pleased with the results. Having Gleanin included as a part of our registration has been of great benefit to our event and I hope that as we work further in collaboration with the team, we will be able to further boost our performance.” Adam Miller, Digital Marketing Manager, UBM EMEA