Meet Gleanin

We promise to help you make connections you can trust!

Connecting events to the audiences that matter.

Gleanin exists to build connections that matter. Our mission is to exist to facilitate trustworthy connections that are more rewarding, useful, and valuable to the event and marketing industries.

We believe in people and communities – that people want to connect with others – whether at work or at play – digitally or in real time. Connections and relationships are what it’s all about. To deliver on this vision, the Gleanin Connect referral marketing platform is designed to facilitate high-value, social connections across the entire event registration and social advocacy experience.


Introducing the Incredible Gleanin Team

“We are committed to our principles. We want to grow registrations and make connections for events but we will do it the right way, with integrity.”



CEO & Co-founder

Our superstar CEO and Co-founder, passionately believes in the people, community and social aspects of events. With fifteen years of experience in events with Reed Exhibitions, managing large portfolios and teams, she has great insight into how to help all event shareholders improve their marketing efforts. On the weekends, she focuses on spending quality time with her family and friends.



COO & Co-founder

Our humble yet rockstar Co-founder and COO enjoys the excitement of building a company from scratch. Prior to jumping into entrepreneurship, he worked at IBM for five years. He holds an MBA from Cass Business School and Software Engineering degree from University of South Wales. He is also quite proud of his recent personal best in the company’s 5K race.



CTO & Co-founder

Our amazing Co-founder and CTO loves taking ideas and bringing them to life. He holds an MBA from Cass Business School and spent six happy years at IBM before becoming an entrepreneur. Gleanin is his second venture. Peter loves cycling but it has to take a back seat twice a year when he gets over ambitious decorating kids’ birthday cakes.



Head of Client Success

A client experience and marketing guru, our Head of Client Services has extensive event marketing and management experience with Artexis Easyfairs, i2i Events Group and Reed Business Information in positions ranging from Marketing Manager to Event Director. Gerry is a qualified snowboarding instructor, a slow triathlete and a keen but rubbish DJ. However, he doesn’t get enough time for any of these pursuits outside of work with most of his time taken up policing homework.



Senior Developer

Our awesome Senior Developer prides herself on providing smart software solutions using automated processes to ensure seamless delivery of services. She was part of the IBM gang previously working in software development and DevOps. Anne is our resident foodie and travel expert, always willing to give a researched recommendation on best spots to eat and visit.




A passionate developer who believes software development is the most recent kind of art, not just a bunch of binary files. Having left a traditional job in industry, Tiago went on to work for startups in various countries around the world. When not coding he’s practicing pentatonic scales on his guitar and perhaps composing.