One platform. Limitless social connections.

Our modular referral marketing platform drives more relevant visitors to your event and increases attendance.

How Gleanin improves your event performance.

Connect with the audiences that matter to your events so that you can expand your social reach – easily and confidently.

Reach more targeted prospectsReach more targeted prospects.

Increase event reach with socially-driven genuine advocacy across relevant networks.

Turn digital visitors into registrantsTurn web visitors into registrants.

Engage 100% of your audience with our seamless social influence and registration tools that integrate with any event or CRM platform.

Turn registrants into advocates.

Leverage broader reach amongst relevant audiences with opt-in referrals across any promotional channel. Registrants choose if and how they refer!

Boost event attendance and advocacyBoost event attendance and advocacy.

Empower your registrants and exhibitors to participate in advocacy and engagement incentive competitions for increased attendance.

Reduce event attritionReduce event attrition.

Gleanin provides automated re-engagement features which motivate participants to continue advocating for the event and ultimately attend.

Quantify event performanceQuantify event performance.

Gain social referral performance transparency and prove ROI with access to verifiable data through dashboards and reports for each of your events.

Connect easily. Target smarter. Refer meaningfully.

Attendees are your best marketers and the Gleanin Connect referral marketing platform helps you gain event referrals you can trust! We put the power of influence and advocacy in the hands of your attendees and exhibitors through transparent opt-in referrals and social network connections.


Attract targeted prospects to your event site.

The Gleanin Promote module is a digital toolbox to help organisers and exhibitors promote and track registrations and event performance.

Leveraging expansive, secure connections with the leading social networks, targeted prospects come face-to-face with their peers and are compelled to register:

  • Easily incorporate social registration links into any event website
  • “Who’s Coming” feature motivates web visitors to register

Register module

Turn your web visitors into registrants.

Onboard registrants and exhibitors to the Gleanin Platform through CRM and registration integrations. Familiar social network icons and auto-complete forms makes it easy to register and improves registrant conversion.

The Register module takes the technical burden away from event staff by providing must-have social registration capabilities:

  • Simple to install social registration widgets
  • Seamless integration with any event management, marketing automation, or CRM platform
  • Customisable registration workflow and wording
  • Shareable tracking and login links for additional event promotion by exhibitors, their staff and other ambassadors via Exhibitor Add-On Module

Provide additional value to your exhibitors and sponsors with our Exhibitor Add-On enabling them to leverage and work their own social media accounts. Capabilities include:

  • “Who’s Coming” visibility to intelligently work their social network
  • Trackable registration links for easy promotion
  • Real-time registration and referral reporting by staff member

Amplify Module

Turn your registrants into advocates!

Empower your registrants to share and influence personal and professional contacts to join them. Genuine in-network social broadcasts and person-to-person social and email  invites get more traction than anonymous invitations so leverage Gleanin Amplify to turn your registrants into marketers!

We provide easy-to-use, person-to- person tools enabling registrants to choose what works for them. This drives high numbers of personal invitations and improves registration conversion. Tools include:

  • Editable social invites & broadcasts
  • Customisable Email invitations
  • Trackable registration links
  • Personalised website “Welcome Back” widget nurtures registrant advocacy
  • Real-time visibility into referral registration results with reporting dashboards

Extend these capabilities to you exhibitors with our optional Exhibitor Add-On and improve your exhibitor value and relationships.


Incentivise your top advocates to broaden event reach.

Identify key event advocates with the Gleanin Reward module. Using performance dashboards and leaderboards, event professionals can allow registrants and exhibitors to earn rewards and incentives for successful referrals. Participation in friendly competition increases attendee engagement and encourages advocacy.

  • Customisable, simple to integrate widget
  • Personalised email broadcasts for each program
  • Advocate performance data access and leaderboards
  • Timely campaign insights

Additionally, customers also have the opportunity to enhance their exhibitor’s own incentive programs with optional, Exhibitor-specific versions of the tools above.


Turn your registrants into attendees.

The Gleanin Engage module is a retention solution that improves Registrant-to-Attendee conversion and reduces event attrition. By sharing the results of referral efforts with advocates and telling registrants “who else is coming”, participants feel more connected and committed to the event and therefore more likely to attend! 

Engagement and influence tools include:

  • Gratitude and invitation acceptance email notifications
  • Reminder of who’s coming from your network
  • Exportable data reports
  • Email template libraries and support
  • Actionable and data-based recommendations for re-engagement marketing efforts

Leverage Gleanin data to drive engagement outside of your registration flow – telling registrants and exhibitors who they know that registered, and prompting them to advocate again.

Leveraging our optional Exhibitor specific add-on tools, event professionals can empower exhibitors to also leverage registrant data to enhance and increase advocate referrals.

Analyze Module

Unlock the data behind your event performance.

Your event, your data. Gleanin’s Analyse module provides customers with live data to confidently quantify key performance indicators achieved during each stage of the event participant’s social journey.

Through an intuitive reporting dashboard, customers can browse and export results on:

  • Social registration statistics and totals
  • Advocacy activity
  • Engagement types
  • Registration attribution

With access to key event data sets, customers can:

  • Identify genuine event influencers and advocates
  • Make informed, proactive promotional decisions for future events
  • Provide compelling exhibitor-specific performance detail to sponsors and exhibitors
  • Quantify and report on event value and success metrics to key stakeholders


Register Register

Amplify Amplify

Reward Reward

Engage Engage

Analyze Analyse

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Incorporate social registration data with your event platforms.

Gleanin’s team and tech is solid, seasoned, and ready to race – with the best possible technology and protocols at the ready.

The Gleanin Platform can seamlessly integrate with your event technology platform or marketing automation system to give customers a centralised, straight-through process for the entire event registration process. Our development team is dedicated to a smooth installation with pro-active communication, vigorous testing, and diligent protocols to ensure strong alliances with all technology partners.

Some of our most common integrations include: Visit by GES (formerly known as N200/GES), Circdata, EAS Registration, Info Salons, Jonas Event Technology just to name a few.

  • Showcare
  • ITN International
  • Jonas Event Technology
  • N200 A member of SO Group
  • Cvent Transforming Meetings and Events through Technology
  • Info Salons
  • Marketo  Best-in-Class Marketing Automation Software
  • RefTech Technology Ltd
  • D2i Systems
  • Cricdata Global event registration software

Interested in building integrations together? Let’s partner!

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Different
  • Linked In
  • Mail
  • photograp


Make the social connections that matter!

We’ve got this – Gleanin’s dependable connections to leading social networks are continuously expanding to support up-and-coming applications.

Gleanin understands the challenge that our customers and partners face in maintaining compliant and reliable connections with social network APIs. The Gleanin platform handles the heavy lifting to make sure that our customers can painlessly leverage the networks that will help them reach their target audiences.

Our ongoing development methodology and proactive testing maintain secure, dependable connections with ever-changing social media network APIs. We connect to the leading social networks around the world; we launched supporting LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Xing and we are now expanding our support to WeChat, Sina Weibo, VK and WhatsApp.

Referral Marketing-as-a-Service

At Gleanin, we don’t “set it and forget it”we add a personal touch you can trust!

We understand the challenges of setting up time-consuming, resource-intensive social marketing programs for events. No one seems to understand all the moving parts of an event and how difficult it can be to set-up and manage a referral marketing program.

But at Gleanin, we do. The service and support layer of Gleanin Connect delivers actionable recommendations that help customers improve their performance – pre, during, and post event – recognising that event success is a partnership throughout the lifecycle of the event – not just at the conclusion.

Success begins with set-up

Success begins with set-up.

We provide easy to follow directions and live support for initial installations. Gleanin works closely with your registration partner so set-up is completed efficiently and painlessly.

We put the quality into QA

We put the “quality” into QA.

We ensure quality, period. Our comprehensive Quality Assurance (QA) process is designed to quickly identify and resolve any issues, ensure confidence for initial launch, and keep customer timelines on track.

It's not over until it’s over

It’s not over until it’s over.

Gleanin consults with customers to compare week by week results with baseline averages advising recommendations for improvement. We strive to continuously improve your event performance.

Analyze. Act. Achieve

Analyse. Act. Achieve.

Post-event, Gleanin analyses performance trends so you can get a head start on next year’s event, capitalising on opportunities to recap, re-engage, and re-target visitors.