Turn your attendees into your best marketers – socially!

Gleanin makes it radically easy for you to get social with your targeted audiences.  Our referral marketing platform for event professionals puts the power of influence and advocacy in the hands of your registrants and exhibitors through transparent opt-in social referrals and social network connections.

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Referral Marketing-as-a-Service

At Gleanin, we don’t “set it and forget it”we add a personal touch you can trust!

We understand the challenges of setting up time-consuming, resource-intensive social marketing programs for events. No one seems to understand all the moving parts of an event and how difficult it can be to set-up and manage a referral marketing program.

But at Gleanin, we do. The service and support layer of Gleanin Connect delivers actionable recommendations that help customers improve their performance – pre, during, and post event – recognising that event success is a partnership throughout the lifecycle of the event – not just at the conclusion.

Success begins with set-up

Success begins with set-up.

We provide easy to follow directions and live support for initial installations. Gleanin works closely with your registration partner so set-up is completed efficiently and painlessly. We ensure quality, period.

It's not over until it’s over

It’s not over until it’s over.

Gleanin consults with customers to compare week by week results with baseline averages advising recommendations for improvement. We strive to continuously improve your event performance.

Analyze. Act. Achieve

Analyse. Act. Achieve.

Post-event, Gleanin analyses performance trends so you can get a head start on next year’s event, capitalising on opportunities to recap, re-engage, and re-target visitors.

One platform. Limitless social connections.

Our modular referral marketing platform drives more relevant visitors to your event and increases attendance.

Reach more targeted prospectsGleanin Connect

Turn your registrants into your best marketers – socially and at the point of registration. Gleanin Connect easily integrates with your existing registration technology.

Turn digital visitors into registrantsWho’s Coming

Convert more of your web visitors into registrants by providing the social proof of who has already registered.

Welcome Back

Personalise the experience for returning registrants to your event marketing website and encourage them to advocate.

  • Showcare
  • ITN International
  • Redbox Event Data Solutions
  • D2i Systems
  • N200 A member of SO Group
  • RefTech Technology Ltd
  • Marketo  Best-in-Class Marketing Automation Software
  • Info Salons
  • Cvent Transforming Meetings and Events through Technology
  • Cricdata Global event registration software
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Different
  • Linked In
  • Mail
  • photograp

Any social network. Any platform. Gleanin helps you connect.

Gleanin Connect integrates with the best event registration, management and marketing automation system and tools.

What’s more, we help you securely and easily extend your audience reach across the world’s most popular social networks by handling all connectivity and compliance on our clients’ and partners’ behalf.

Find the perfect integration for your business with Gleanin:

See and trust the metrics behind everything you do.

Your event, your data. 

With Gleanin, you are free to access and dive into your event performance data.  Leveraging your data, we offer personalised recommendations at every stage of the pre-and-post event process so that you can make the right decisions and take meaningful action throughout the lifecycle of the event – not just at the conclusion.

Analyse, track and export trustworthy data to quantify key referral marketing performance indicators:

  • Social referral performance
  • Detailed reporting of advocates, actions and the registrations they drive
  • Registrant-to-Attendee conversion
  • Cost per acquisition
  • Industry benchmarking and performance, and more

We’re making connections matter for events worldwide.

We love our clients and they love us.  But, don’t just take our word for it. Learn how some of the biggest events have benefited from Gleanin’s referral marketing platform.

With Gleanin, we are able to absolutely measure the active social referrals and the impact it has on our events…The quality of the attendees is better if the attendees themselves have invited them.

Govind Sharma
Director of Technology, UBM

Gleanin was a great tool for our event – easy to implement and cost-effective. We got weekly reports from the Gleanin team as to how the tool was performing, and regular ‘prompts’ as to how we can best utilise it.

Becky Webb
Marketing Manager, Diversified Communications

Gleanin Connect has provided us with a really simple tool to not only extend our marketing reach, but also enable our advocates to easily recommend our shows. It is one of the most successful channels of visitor acquisition on our events, and I’m delighted to extend our relationship into more markets.

Alison Church
Marketing Director for Easyfairs UK & Global