Trade Show Attendee Acquisition

Increase event registration and attendance using smart attendee-to-attendee referral marketing.

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Gleanin Connect

Referrals at registration

Add Gleanin to registration and give ALL attendees the opportunity to invite contacts & social connections

Gleanin Connect

Referrals post registration

Use Gleanin’s attendee tracking referral links in ongoing referral campaigns, offering incentives and rewards

Gleanin Connect

Verifiable results

Gleanin's real-time reporting & verifiable results = total transparency

Easy-to-activate integration with your registration supplier.

Plug and play with an existing integration. As easy as 1-2-3 for new integrations.

We work with 100+ trade show organisers around the globe.


What do our clients think?

We love our clients and they love us.

Neil Mckenzie

Neil Mckenzie

Managing Director at Oliver Kinross

“Gleanin is brilliant, because it works. Simple as that. Social media is such a powerful tool for promoting exhibitions and Gleanin allows our attendees to spread the message to their networks that they are attending our shows. Best of all it's all automated so we can set it up easily and then sit back and let it promote our shows for us and increase our visitor numbers. London Build was exceptionally busy this year and Gleanin has become an essential part of the show's success.”
Alison Church

Alison Church

Marketing Director for Easyfairs UK & Global

“We all know that we are far more likely to buy into something that is recommended by a friend or colleague, and Gleanin Connect has provided us with a really simple tool to not only extend our marketing reach, but also enable our advocates to easily recommend our shows. It is one of the most successful channels of visitor acquisition on our events.”
Govind Sharma

Govind Sharma

Technology Director, UBM

“With Gleanin, we are able to absolutely measure the active social referrals and the impact it has on our events…The quality of the attendees is better if the attendees themselves have invited them.”

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